Current open studio hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday after 2pm,
Any time on weekends.

Open Pottery Studio

Muddy Creek Pottery is a community studio. If you have taken a full class with Heather in the past, you are welcome to use Open Studio hours for your own work. Please sign in on the clipboard when you arrive at the studio. Fees are $10/day for studio use and $25/bag of clay as needed. Payments can be put in the dropbox on the wall.

Keeping the studio clean keeps it healthy and welcoming for all of us. Part of the open studio use arrangement is that each time you use the studio, you commit to 10-15 extra minutes of necessary cleanup around the studio beyond your own personal area cleaning. There is a list of “helpful things” by the front door if you are not sure how to be helpful. Mopping and towel drying the floor is always helpful.

It is exciting to get to know other potters! Please introduce yourself to other people in the studio and freely share yourself and your skills/knowledge. There are so many right ways to do things, and we can all help to enhance each other’s work. Muddy Creek Pottery is proud of its welcoming, generous atmosphere, and you can help make it even more awesome.

When pots are signed and uncovered, they will be bisque fired. When pots are glazed, they will be glaze fired. (unless there is a note indicating otherwise) Heather will do her best to email you when your pots come out of the kiln, but feel free to inquire if you are wondering. The dry erase board on the front door lists estimated dates for upcoming firings.

Happy potting!


Current open studio hours:

Monday, Tuesday and Friday after 2pm. Any time on weekends.
*January 22-February 5:  Weekdays after 4pm, any time on weekends.

Muddy Creek Pottery